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Bronx Art Store Has It All: Sensational Staff and Supplies

4 Mar

I’m 49, but right now I’m essentially the equivalent of a college student in the art world.

Lucky for me, and Bronx artists all around, there’s a relatively new (as I reported last June) great place to affordably acquire and explore art supplies in our own borough: Artist and Craftsman Supply at 3961 White Plains Road in Wakefield.

Most of the staffers there are college-age or a little beyond. They’re Bronx artists and  students who are just nice, helpful, and hip young folks all around. I’m new to paints and related supplies but they’re not. I ask them things and they’re happy to help.

Here are just some of the staffers who were there when I shopped there last …

artist and craftsman 1.16

In January, staffers of Artist & Craftsman (from left): Carol Heiser, Devin Gayle, Carlos Luciano and Felix Caballero. Photo by Jordan Moss

I’m posting this because I want Bronx artists, friends of artists, parents and schools to know about Artist and Craftsman Supply. Every time I’m there, they have phenomenal sales, which is particularly helpful to me as I’m taking a class at the Art Students League and regularly need new supplies, which seem to cost way more in Manhattan.

Upstairs at Artist and Craftsman they have relatively small store space packed with a cool variety of kids’ art supplies, and downstairs, in a very large basement covering much of the block, there is everything else you can imagine.

And now there are art classes for adults and kids on weekends. Very cool. If art supplies are anywhere in your interest zone, check it out!


No Pork for Embattled Seabrook

4 May

Council Member Larry Seabrook

Council Member Larry Seabrook, the Wakefield lawmaker who is scheduled for a second corruption trialfollowing a hung jury in the first one last fall, won’t be getting his hands on the usual discretionary dough that local legislators dole out to nonprofits of their choice.

The New York Post reports that, in light of the charges that Seabrook funneled $1 million to nonprofits he controlled and siphoned some of it for himself and family members, he and Council Speaker Christine Quinn came to an agreement that she and the Bronx delegation delegation chair Annabel Palma would decide which nonprofits in Seabrook’s district to allocate the money to.