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DEP Needs to Do Its Job Clearing Jerome Park Reservoir Sidewalk

25 Jan

Those of us who live around the Jerome Park Reservoir probably know that most of that 2-mile-long public sidewalk has not been dug out after the historic snowstorm. It’s the city’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that’s responsible for that, not the Parks Department, which is doing a great job clearing the paths at Fort Independence Park which is also adjacent to the reservoir.


As the photo above shows, salt has been put down near that park’s entrance (by NYC Parks Dept. just to help access to their the park they’re responsible for I’m guessing), but that can only help a bit considering the snow’s height and since 2/3 of the reservoir is inaccessible to local residents and workers.

I called 311 but was on hold for a very long time thanks to the snowstorm. So I went on 311’s website and app but the complaint choices were not helpful in this situation. I then went to DEP’s website and made the following complaint to DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd. If you share this concern I suggest you do the same. I’ll let you know if I get a response.

Hi Comm. Lloyd,
While the snow has been removed from Fort Independence Park in CB8/Bronx, it has not been removed from the public sidewalks around the Jerome Park Reservoir (other than at Lehman College, which probably did the work itself for student and staff access). This is DEP’s job as far as I know. It is a critical sidewalk to clear as it’s the way so many people walk to work, school, home, etc. The way it is, people are more likely to fall or walk in the street, which is also very dangerous of course. If you or someone on staff can let me know when DEP will be coming to clear sidewalk surround the reservoir. I would appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Jordan Moss

Oh, while I’m at it, here’s the excellent job Parks Dept. workers already did at Fort Independence Park (also know to many locals as Pigeon Park).


Parks Dept. workers cleared the Fort Independence Park pathway this morning.           Photos by Jordan Moss





Good Morning! Beautiful Bronx Morning in Van Cortlandt Park

10 Nov

Have a beautiful morning on your path to whatever good stuff you seek to accomplish … Beautiful day to walk in Van Cortlandt Park!

The path south of Van Cortlandt Park House Museum. (Photo by Jordan Moss)

The path south of Van Cortlandt Park House Museum. (Photo by Jordan Moss)

More Delays on Oval Park Visitors’ Center and Bathrooms

2 Jul

By Jordan Moss

Ongoing delays in renovations at the Williamsbridge Oval Park in Norwood are aggravating local park advocates. Following past delays in construction of a new track and field, as well as basketball courts, a new playground and a sitting area with spray showers (all now open and popular) it is now the recreation center with its bathrooms, fitness center, and ample room for community programs, that have been put on hold for a second time. (It was originally scheduled to open last spring, according to the Norwood News.)

Friends of Williamsbridge Oval Park member Eileen Markey wrote Parks Department officials in late June demanding answers.

“… June 21 marked not only the beginning of summer, but yet another deadline blown in the frustrating Rec Center renovation project,” Markey stated in a letter addressed to Bronx Parks Commissioner Hector Aponte and two other agency officials.  “The completion date has shifted a number of times. The most recent date was Spring 2012, which is now behind us. If it looked like completion were imminent, we’d let the date pass unmentioned. But the site is quiet and I hear dark rumblings that there is another problem on this project.”

Markey added: “We can’t go another summer without bathrooms, a rec center and most importantly: on site staff.”

But park users may indeed have to cope with those absences for a good bit longer.

A Parks spokesperson said the bathrooms are done but could not provide a clear completion date for the project that would result in the building’s opening.

“Construction on the interior bathrooms is complete, and the exterior bathrooms will be complete after the bathroom fixtures are installed,” the spokesperson said. “We are currently cleaning the interior spaces of the recreation center, and intend to have the building open later this summer.”

Parks said the cause of the latest missed deadline was “delays with the plumbing contractor procuring the bathroom fixtures.”

Parks Looking for Music Entrepreneurs at Orchard Beach

16 Mar

Thought this press release from Parks Dept. might interest some readers. The good news for everyone is that more music is in store at Orchard Beach! [By the way, Bronx Matters readers, I’m out of town and the wi-fi at the hotel I’m staying at is sucky, so I probably won’t be posting again until Monday. Thanks!  -Jordan Moss]

Parks & Recreation announces that a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) has been issued for the operation of a free, high quality concert series and a maximum of six kiosks at Orchard Beach, Pelham Bay Park, Bronx. “For more than 75 years, Orchard Beach has served as the Riviera of the Bronx, delighting New Yorkers with its 1.1 mile sandy beach and promenade,” said Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe.  “No trip to the beach is complete without great music and Parks is seeking a concessionaire with a strong background in concert promotion and marketing to bring free, high quality summertime concerts to Orchard Beach’s visitors.”

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