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Occupy Takes Different Turns Going Local in Brooklyn and Bronx

10 Apr

Occupy Sunset Park is reaching out to residents in several languages. Photo: Zach Campbell/City Limits

This spring the Occupy movement is going local and if you need any more evidence that there is no central authority dictating what offshoot groups should do, look no further than the differing missions of efforts in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

As the Brooklyn Bureau (published by City Limits) reported today, a diverse group of community residents in Sunset Park are beginning to gather to strategize on local issues — such as school closures, loss of a Head Start program, etc. Organizers are translating materials into several languages to reach that neighborhood’s incredibly diverse population.

Here in the Bronx, three grassroots organizations have bigger corporate and government targets in mind, a strategy more in tune with demonstrators in Zuccotti Park and those who occupied similar public spaces in cities around the country last fall. Mothers on the Move, the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center, and the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition — all of which already focus on local projects — are gearing up for a day-long training session this Saturday, April 14, at St. Simon Stock Church. Below is a letter from event organizers with details.