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Morning Matters 3/30/12

30 Mar

OK, we’re back with Morning Matters. Sorry to miss the last couple of days.

This photo by Ana Brigida is part of her exhibit on public housing conditions, opening tonight, at the Bronx Documentary Center in Melrose.

The Bronx Documentary Center, also in Melrose, has an opening tonight for an important exhibit called, “How the Other Half (Still) Lives: Bloomberg’s Legacy?” by Ana Brigida about conditions in public housing.

Speaking of Melrose, Legal Services is developing a building on a vacant lot near the subway station in the neighborhood’s southern end on Brook Avenue and East 149th Street.

Have you read the incredibly intelligent conversation taking place on Gregory Lobo Jost’s post on the Times declaring gentrification taking root in south Bronx? I’ve been meaning to mention that this isn’t the first time the Times has weighed in on south Bronx gentrification. This piece by the same reporter, Joseph Berger, focused on the artists and professionals heading to the Clocktower and other buildings in Mott Haven. The appearance of arugula in supermarkets and cafes is also a harbinger of a new scene in that piece. Hey, does arugula mean Kingsbridge is gentrifying? The revamped Foodtown on Broadway and 231st has it as well as a section of specialty beers. Speaking of food and drink, the recent Berger article quotes a resident who found a fantastic Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood, Xochimilco. But that restaurant, which I happened to be at a few days before that article appeared, is in the heart of Melrose, a whole other neighborhood (which has its own incredible story of rebound that I plan to talk more about here) at least a mile and a half away from the Concourse and 160s. (Incidentally, I had the best chicken mole I think I ever had in my lifethere.)

Though teen violence is way up at Riker’s Island, the Bronx DA’s office rarely prosecutes, according to an article in The New York World. The DA’s office says it’s hard to prosecute when victims don’t cooperate but critics say that wouldn’t be case in the world outside of prison.

A popular middle school teacher, Justin Bravo, was killed while riding on his motorcyle in the tunnel on Mosholu Parkway underneath Jerome Avenue and the 4-train. This tragic accident was virtually steps away from where a pedestrian died in December. Norwood News posted the funeral arrangements.

Hunts Point Express documents local efforts to battle the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, including murals to educate youth on their rights at Rocking the Boat.


Afternoon Matters 3/2/12

2 Mar

Good afternoon all! Thanks to everyone who “liked” Bronx Matters on Facebook on our first day of operation yesterday. Already up to 78 likes at the time of this posting. That’s awesome. Hope to get to 100 today. The more people involved, the livelier the conversation. Keeps me on my toes, too. So, thanks again. Here are some Bronx things that matter this afternoon.

fish men from Hunts Point on Vimeo.

The Hunts Point Express posted this terrific short documentary video by two filmmakers from the Netherlands exploring two very different approaches to the fish business at The Point CDC, and at the new mechanized Fulton Fish Market.

Juan Gonzalez  in today’s Daily News writes about overcrowding at PS 119 in Soundview. This interested me because I don’t think there’s been much focus lately on Bronx school overcrowding.  I remember writing about the space crunch at PS 8 in Bedford Park (not 0nline — no Web then) in my first issue as Norwood News editor in 1994. Kids were being bused off to another school at 7 a.m. to make room — later there were split sessions. District 10 was the second most crowded district in the city then and maybe still is, even with several new schools in the mix. We kept up the reporting for many years and the Bronx News Network regularly covered efforts to get schools placed where the National Guard buildings are behind the Kingsbridge Armory. Gonzalez writes about the “temporary” — and overcrowded — portable classroom trailers at PS 119 that have been in place for 15 years. Those same “temporary” trailers are a staple of most schoolyards in District 10 outside of Riverdale, and in other areas of the borough. The resulting lack of playground space can’t help but be a factor in the borough’s obesity epidemic. If you’re a teacher or parent who can report on the state of overcrowding at your school, at its impact, please comment on this post.

No more Monkey House at the Bronx Zoo. A good piece in the Times explains why. Did you know that a Congolese pygmy was on exhibit there in 1906, wrestling with an orangutan? Incredible.

Reading Dan Beekman’s story in the Daily News today makes you think how important it is for students — and everyone — to put their lives in perspective, to know that no matter how tough things are, that around the world there are so many places where people have it so much tougher. Fifteen students from the Eagle Academy for Young Men went to Malawi in Africa to build a school for local villagers.

“I was surprised,” one Mount Eden student said. “The mothers and the grandmothers had kids on their backs and they would start working anyway. It made me realize how lazy we are. It made me want to do more.”

Read it all.

Morning Matters — 3/1/12

1 Mar

Good Morning Readers – Thanks for checking out Bronx Matters. I’m going to try to post links to a few Bronx things that matter every morning, say by 11 a.m. or so. So, here we go!

Visitors to the Point CDC take a look at an interactive model of the Sheridan Expressway and its surroundings. (Photo: Kimberly Devi Milner/Hunts Point Express)

It’s long been the dream of many activists, citizens and environmentalists in Hunts Point (that’s in the southeast Bronx for those of you reading this beyond the borough) to decommission the 1.25-mile Sheridan Expressway in order to make way for parkland, affordable housing and more waterfront access. With a federal Department of Transportation grant of $1.5 million, city agencies are studying the future of the Expressway and surrounding arteries. Hunts Point Express reports that an interactive model of the Expressway is making its way through the borough to engage citizens in planning for its future. For more background on the community’s efforts to eliminate the Sheridan, and an illustration of what could replace it, check out this Express article from last year.

The city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development targets 200 crumbling buildings a year in its Alternative Enforcement Program, and it has just added another batch of them with 56 in the Bronx, reported Dan Beekman in yesterday’s Daily News. Through the program, HPD makes emergency repairs and bills the landlords who neglected the critical work in the first place. Want to find out what HPD has on record for the condition of your building? Just plug in your address at HPD Online and you’ll find out that and a lot more.

The battle over Congressional lines is heating up, pitting Bronx Democratic chief Carl Heastie (who represents the northeast Bronx in the Assembly) against fellow lawmaker Keith Wright, of Manhattan, who wants a chunk of the Bronx for Charlie Rangel’s district. Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. issued a statement yesterday placing himself firmly in Heastie’s corner and arguing against the use of the Bronx as spare parts for Manhattan’s legislative districts. “We will not stand for any plan that would slice the Bronx into many small pieces,” Diaz said. “For decades, the Bronx has had at least one Congressional district entirely within its borders, and this should not change.” The district he is referring to is Jose Serrano’s.

—Jordan Moss