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Why Diaz Will Enshrine Fat Joe on Walk of Fame

17 May

Patrice O’Shaugnessy seems to have figured out why Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. will be honoring rapper Fat Joe — he with the misogynist and violent lyrics — on the borough’s Walk of Fame this weekend. Let us know if you think she’s on the right track.

We’ve been kind of surprised that no one has written about this issue since the Hunts Point Express raised it in a critical editorial.


Hunts Point Express: BP Should Not Add Rapper Fat Joe to Bronx Walk of Fame

26 Apr

Bernard Stein, editor of the Hunts Point Express, has published an editorial taking Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. to task for planning to induct the Bronx-born rapper Fat Joe into the borough Walk of Fame next month.

It was the Florida-based rapper’s lyrics drew Stein’s attention. He included a few of them from Fat Joe’s song “Porn Star”:

I never seen an ass like that
no I never seen seen an ass so fat (tat, tat, tat)
I’mma beat it til tomorrow
And all I keep telling her is “shut up bitch, swallow”
Your legs is shaking
I won’t hurt you
Now you can be the star of that new commercial

Calling the rapper “an outstanding citizen and role model to countless Bronxites,” Diaz issued a press release announcing the impending induction earlier this week. Stein’s piece was reprinted in The Riverdale Press this week.

We asked the borough president’s office if they’d like to comment on the issues raised in the Express piece but we haven’t heard back yet.

—Jordan Moss