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Kappstatter Nabs New Gig Editing Bronx Times

20 Apr

From the Facebook page of former Daily News Bronx Bureau Chief and must-read political columnist Bob Kappstatter …

Okay, it looks like the cat’s out of the bag before the official press release.
Yes, I am now the editor of the Bronx Times and the Bronx Times-Reporter, two weekly newspapers and their website covering a major swath of the Bronx, and part of Rupert Murdoch’s group of metro area weeklies.
Basically, I’ll be doing what I did for 16 years as Daily News Bronx bureau chief, and working with a great staff to make the papers and their website dazzle and be a prime read.
Founder and Publisher John Collazzi will now focus more on the business side while I have my fun on the editorial side.
And look for the old political/gossip column fairly soon, after I get settled moving in.
Goodbye Mort Zuckerman, hello Rupert Murdoch.

Kappy wrote a couple of terrrific columns for Bronx Matters during the interlude. We’ll miss him here but glad we’ll be reading a lot more of him soon.

-Jordan Moss