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A Bronx NYCHA Mess for All to See

15 Dec
nycha mess on Heath Ave

What should be a parking lot at Fort Independence Houses in Kingsbridge Heights is now a virtual dumping ground that NYCHA is ignoring.         Photo by Jordan Moss

For months NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) has ignored this enormous mess at at Fort Independence Houses in Kingsbridge Heights. It’s essentially an unused parking lot on Heath Avenue that has been filled with all kinds of garbage over the last several months.

This shouldn’t be a costly fix. NYCHA should just be paying attention to land that it owns and is responsible for.

If you know of similar problems at other Bronx NYCHA sites and can send Bronx Matters photos, we’d be happy to spread the word and hopefully get NYCHA on its toes. Just email bronxmatters@gmail.com.



More Bronx Development, More Harrassment, Activists Say

21 Oct

City Limits reports (includes a video): Tenants and organizers of the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition gathered at the Bronx Housing Court last Thursday to protest what they say is a growing crisis: landlords harassing tenants by bringing them to housing court in hopes of pushing them out and raising rents.

(My wife, Margaret Groarke, long involved with the Coalition, is interviewed in this article and video. She cares a lot about housing in the borough as do I.)

Brooklyn Landlords on ‘Worst’ List Buy 6 Bronx Buildings

16 Oct

This is news from two months ago in Real Deal, but news to Bronx Matters nonetheless. Two Brooklyn landlords, Yechel Weinberger and Bernard Miller, who are currently on the NYC Landlord Watch List (100 worst landlords in the city) have connected to purchase six apartment buildings in the northwest Bronx (three of them in Norwood), a 364-unit portfolio.

WHEDco’s Big South Bronx Project — ‘Bronx Commons’ — Scheduled to Break Ground in Next Year

13 Oct

WHEDco (Women’s Housing and Econcomic Development Corporation) is scheduled to break ground on on a large mixed use development in the next year, according to Curbed.

“Today, WHEDco is working on its most ambitious project yet: Bronx Commons, a 361,600-square-foot mixed-use development with affordable housing, a rooftop farm, retail space, and cultural programming from the Bronx Music Heritage Center. Although the organization has come a long way since its formation, the mission is more or less the same: livable, affordable housing that builds up the neighborhood too.”

Here’s the whole Curbed story.

Violation-Heavy Bronx Bldg. Ignores HPD Push

3 Dec

I reported on this 2856 Webb Ave. apartment building in Kingsbridge Heights last April in City Limits. That didn’t have much impact, according to Riverdale Press. Here’s my update in City Limits. And following are a couple of photos I took last April in Iliana Rodriguez’s apartment.

Iliana Rodriguez was not able to keep this window open in her kitchen, when I visited last April. Photo by Jordan Moss

Iliana Rodriguez was not able to keep this window open in her kitchen, when I visited last April. Photo by Jordan Moss

The stove in Rodriguez's apartment had no knobs when I visited. Photo by Jordan Moss

The stove in Rodriguez’s apartment was missing 4 of 5 knobs when I visited. Photo by Jordan Moss

5.21.14 Bronx Matters

21 May

The Bronx housing group CASA continues to organize against landlords they say attach unwarranted fees to rent, reports the Daily News. Last September, I reported on a CASA demonstration regarding the same issue on City Limits’ Bronx Bureau site.

Speaking of housing issues (an ongoing borough crisis on several levels) a nonprofit’s effort to take over a troubled Melrose building on Jackson Avenue was quashed by HPD, according to a detailed article in the Mott Haven Herald.

“I feel like when the de Blasio Administration came in that would put a stop to the old administration ways.” – See more at: http://www.motthavenherald.com/2014/05/12/melrose-tenants-still-limbo/#sthash.odrsLJYI.dpuf

The Norwood News reports on a stunning effort to bring beauty to Bronx laundromats.

The Great and Glorious Grand Army of The Bronx is back at it, reports the Daily News. That group, which took to the streets recently to protest Marble Hill’s assignment to Manhattan rather than the borough it has long physically occupied, now wants the Bronx to be referred to its official name, The Bronx, reports the Daily News. Speaking of which, only the Brooklyn page of the Daily News was in the issue delivered to our home in THE BRONX this morning. “Bronx News” was nowhere to be found except for online.