A Diner/Restaurant at Former Van Cortlandt Library Site? (Bronx)

6 Dec

OK, people don’t complain to me about this. I never hear anyone say, “Oh, I wish we had a good restaurant on Sedgwick Avenue.” But I think of it every darn time I walk on the block and I’ve got a vibe that many locals reading this will agree, or have their own suggestions for what we need on the block (it literally is just about a block, maybe even less).

The thing I think about most is that there are many elderly residents in this area. Yet, aside from a pizza place, there isn’t a single restaurant they can easily walk to and have breakfast, lunch or dinner. And if there were a diner, or some good breakfast/lunch joint, that would benefit everybody.

Here’s where it could be … where the Van Cortland Library used to be (they’ve moved to a beautiful new building on Cannon Place).


Whether you agree with this or not, I think we all agree that we need something good and useful here, and we should try to figure out what is most wanted by Van Cortlandt Village and Kingsbridge Heights neighbors. So, what do you think? Just comment below and I’ll repost what you’d like to see. Thanks!

-Jordan Moss


3 Responses to “A Diner/Restaurant at Former Van Cortlandt Library Site? (Bronx)”

  1. Anne M DiLucca December 6, 2019 at 5:25 pm #

    Hi Jordon, I agree with you! A business like the Kingsbridge Donut Shop which is on 231st Street and Kingsbridge Ave would be a great idea on Sedgwick Ave. We need a place like that in the neighborhood instead of us going down to Broadway to grab a quick bite.

  2. Jane December 7, 2019 at 11:29 am #

    I often think about this! I imagine a place where there are many kinds of coffee (espresso, latte, cafe con leche) and tea and grab-and-go breakfast items, and then a multi-cultural set of simple and delicious offerings for lunch and dinner. A warm and cozy kind of place where you go for a quick bite but end up hanging around reading the news on your phone or chatting with a neighbor… When I am really dreaming, I imagine it is run by a vibrant workers cooperative that uses fresh and local food as much as possible. Who owns this piece of real estate?

  3. Dart A Westphal December 8, 2019 at 8:42 pm #

    Yes please!

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