NYCHA Danger in Kingsbridge Heights

7 Mar

Photo by Jordan Moss

This photo is not a mess of the month. For many months, NYCHA has left an ugly, ample mess of mattressses; old, broken-up furniture and cabinetry spread on the ground of this Fort Independence Houses lot on Heath Avenue. This scandalous scatter does get picked up at some point, but in the meantime it’s a dastardly dump. Yes, it may signify that there’s critical rehab work being done inside (let us pray!) but that doesn’t make this OK. It’s time for NYCHA to clear this miserable mess and keep it that way on a regular basis. Also, they need to simply close, if not lock, the gate. I easily wandered in to take this pic, but I don’t want it accessible to kids who might wander the lot and grab a nail or something. NYCHA may be significantly short of dough but keeping this area clean and safe isn’t gonna cost them much, if anything. 

Do it, NYCHA. Now!


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