Help City Limits Keep at Its Critical NYC Investigative Reporting! 40th Gala on Sept. 26.

25 Aug

City Limits in NYC, which has reported on, investigated and uncovered critical issues facing residents and communities in every borough, is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a grand gala on Monday, Sept. 26. Please check it out and spread the word among friends, co-workers, colleagues, bosses and whoever else you think of. I wrote for CL many times and worked for them for a couple of years. I care even more now because no other publication investigates urban issues and challenges to the extent they do. It’s a critical time, when rents continue to rise making more and more families fall from the ability to stay in neighborhoods that have long been their home. From my own experience running the nonprofit Norwood News I learned that nonprofit publications like CL cannot survive on advertising alone. City Limits need support from everyone that reads it and find it meaningful, effective and relevant. That’s a lot of people. Let’s all keep CL around another 40 years


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