Bronxites Welcome Refugees (well, not ALL Bronxites)

12 Jan
refugee pic

Poster on our front door in Kingsbridge Heights

A few weeks ago I ordered 10 copies of the poster above for the front door of our house in Kingsbridge Heights and for some friends and neighbors sharing our feeling. It’s a bit of a wish as the U.S. has barely opened the nation’s doors yet, with only 2,290 allowed in since 2011. Canada, a much smaller nation population-wise, has opened its doors for more than 9,000 people.

No one has said anything much to us. Our neighbors either share the same views, or respect our right to make them known. We’ll leave it up until the U.S. speeds up and expands its policy.

But in the Norwood neighborhood, where we lived for many years, our pals Jarrett Murphy and Eileen Markey did get a written response taped to their door. Little did that person know it was a letter to an editor.

Jarrett didn’t hesitate to share his feeling with quite a larger audience on the City Limits website. Well-written and humor-providing. Check it out.

Oh, by the way, I have like 4 posters left, so if you want one for your front door, just e-mail me at and we’ll make it happen! They’re $18 each.


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