Must-See TV on Armory Redevelopment

16 Aug

The answer to what the Armory will become is near. (Photo: J. Moss)

OK, it’s not Mad Men, or Dancing With the Stars or Breaking Bad, but this recent edition of Gary Axelbank’s BronxTalk is must-see TV if you care about what happens at the Kingsbridge Armory — and being a vacant mammoth landmark in our midst, we all should.

In a few weeks we hear, the city’s Economic Development Corporation will decide on two very different, but interesting, proposals for the Kingsbridge Armory — an ice skating arena serving Bronx kids with eight rinks or a lively market of small businesses, recreation, and an innovative movie multi-plex featuring 4D films.

Both proposals have precedents. The market would be based on developer Young Woo’s DeKalb Market in Brooklyn. And the ice skating concept has roots in the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation in Philadelphia.

Axelbank gives each side equal time.

For all the controversy and obstacles littering the last 20 years since the state turned over the keys to the city, we’re finally close to the finish line here. What gets picked should be what the community wants. So take a look and see what you think. And comment here about which of these proposals you’d prefer.


One Response to “Must-See TV on Armory Redevelopment”

  1. JB from the Bronx August 16, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    So much better sounding than the previous proposal. Thanks for posting. Is there a way for Bronx-ites to get more involved? If so, how?

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