The Bronx in 1980

16 Apr

Assemblyman Jose Rivera posted this on his Facebook page yesterday, a video documenting the 1980 South Bronx People’s convention in the rubble of Charlotte Street. There’s footage of President Carter famously visiting the area in 1977 along with south Bronx activists joined by allies from around the country as they met in a makeshift conventional hall on Charlotte Street and marched to the official Democratic Convention site at Madison Square Garden in 1980.

The Bronx faces incredible challenges, struggling with high unemployment, poverty and some of the worst health statistics in the state. But as we address those issues it’s important to remember what Bronxites have already overcome on Charlotte Street and devastated neighborhoods all over the borough.

Anyone out there take part in the South Bronx Peoples’ Convention? Would love to hear from you.


One Response to “The Bronx in 1980”

  1. J.Lee April 16, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    This is a reminder that it takes each of us as members of our community to make a positive difference, not politicians, parties or special interests, but a united community that puts aside power trips and egos.

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