Food Matters: Sodesh in Norwood

13 Mar

Chicken, spinach and rice at Sodesh in Norwood. (Photo: J. Moss)

Next to an empty lot on Bainbridge Avenue in Norwood is a new restaurant, Sodesh, taking root in a former Chinese takeout joint. It serves Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani food and what I’ve tried there so far on two occasions is worth far more than the super-fair prices on the menu. Yesterday I had chicken bahari (yogurty, spicy, smooth) with vegetable samosas (crispy, light, perfect) and a creamy spinach dish I could’ve eaten another bowl of.

Last I checked there were about 1,000 Bangladeshis living in Norwood. Sodesh probably won’t make it on their patronage alone, as I’ve eaten some similarly awesome South Asian fare in people’s homes there. So, I hope Norwoodians and other Bronxites check it out. They’re at 3111 Bainbridge Ave. and the number for free delivery is 718-231-5370.

(If you like a Bronx restaurant, let us know in the comments section or by emailing and we’ll consider mentioning them in a future Food Matters post. Photos are great, too.)


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